Notices for 16th July 2017


The Parish:  Jolesfield Court, Juxon Close, Letchworth Court and Lulworth Close, Kidborough Road and Kingscote Hill

The SickLes Taylor, Alistair Young, Danny, Ralph Vickery, Nick Snell, Rosamund, Mo, Joanne, Lorraine, Keith and Muriel O’Hara, Pam Hutcheson, Fran Beckinsale, Eslin, Lilian Glasse, Peter Blake, June, John and Catherine 

The Departed:  June Grant and Gillian Pitt

Year’s Mind: Ronnie Worby, David McLeish and Veronica Peirce


Flowers donated today by, Janet Cheal, to celebrate her 75th birthday on July 19th.

Church Flowers Donation List.  Any person who would like to donate towards the cost of church flowers in memory of a loved one or to celebrate an anniversary or birthday, please put the relevant details on the list provided at the back of the church.  Please give your donation to Sue Richardson (Treasurer) or Revd. Ann in a Flower Donation envelope.



Budgeted Income June Actual June
£4,170.80 5877.07
Budget June Actual spent June
4283.3 4198.57
Diocesan contribution 2017 = £30,000
Cost of full contribution

2017  = £71,899


Praying for Bewbush – now with breakfast!  We shall be meeting at 8.30 am every 1st Saturday of the month in Bewbush Barn church. We welcome everyone from any church who would like to come together to pray for the neighbourhood of Bewbush and for ways of spreading God’s love there.  Prayer at 9.00 am followed by coffee and pastries.


If you are interested in joining a Pastoral Visiting Team please would you talk to Ann or Gerry. We hope to get this up and running by Autumn.


The Lighthouse Project has asked if we will help fund bibles for Ifield Community College RE department who cannot afford to purchase them. If you would like to donate towards this fund please put your donation into an envelope clearly marked Bibles for ICC and either give them to Sue Richardson or put them into the collection plate.


Computer Group.  Why not come along to our friendly computer group in the Church Hall – Tuesdays from 10 am, Wednesdays from 10.30 am.


Elevenses Cafe Church is next Sunday, 23rd July from 11.15 am. Please join us for our usual relaxed mix of refreshments, discussion, prayer and creative activities for all ages. There’s no Cafe Church in August, but we’ll be back on 24th September.


Children’s events at St Alban’s. We are planning a children’s summer special event on Saturday 2nd September and also a Light Party on Monday 30th October. We have some great ideas and helpers already, but we need more! Could you help? Please speak to Gerry or Bev if you would like to help in any way. Planning Meeting after Church Today (16th). 


The Parish office is closed on the 17th of July.