Notices for 10th December 2017


The Parish:  Curteys Walk, Dione Walk, Donnington Court and Dorsten Square, Eden Road and Filbert Crescent

The SickAlistair Young, Danny, Ralph Vickery, Rosamund, Joanne, Keith O’Hara, Fran Beckinsale, Eslin, Lilian Glasse, Peter Blake, John Romaine, Michael R, Margaret, Brian, Pam Hutcheson, Mary Sweetman, Ken, Merle Martin, Betty Phillips, Madeleine Snowdon and Barbara Britt

The Departed:  John Turner

Year’s Mind: Les Adams, Albert Sanmogan, Margaret Johnson and Elizabeth Phillips


Computer Group.  Why not come along to our friendly computer group in the Church Hall – Tuesdays from 10 am, Wednesdays from 10.30 am.  Please drop in with your occasional computer queries or if you want to start from scratch. Everyone is welcome.


Traidcraft– Please note that Traidcraft will now be available on the second Sundays of the month.


Christmas card fundraiser: Helen Ford has come up with a fun Christmas fundraiser for St Alban’s. Instead of people sending multiple cards to each other in the congregation – they can send one card to the whole church family and donate the money saved to church funds. We can display all cards on one of the display boards so all can see them.


Christmas Flowers – please donate money towards the Christmas Flowers – a plate will be at the back of church following the services.


The Flowers will be arranged on Saturday, December 23rd, from 9.30 am. The flowers will then be left in the Lady Chapel and Choir Vestry until after the morning service on Sunday, December 24th.  All are welcomed to help.


Open House.  Having spoken to a member of staff at Open House their needs at Christmas time are tins of meat and fish, long life milk and toilet rolls. They still have enough tea and coffee and beans left from Harvest gifts! They like to give each of their residents a Christmas box, and for this anything Christmassy especially chocolate in any form.  Thank you to everyone who contributes in any way to Open House. Merle Martin